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Watch Your HealthSpan Grow in Real-Time


Your healthspan is the length of time that you are healthy, not just alive. 

What is My HealthSpan?

Helping people to enjoy life more has been my life’s mission for almost 20 years. That’s why I wrote The 10 Most Powerful Health Habits book. My Book and this Blog are resources where you can learn the latest science-based information to live healthier, happier, for longer. And you’ll find the support to keep on the path. 

My HealthSpan is a unique online tool where you can watch your healthspan grow as you adopt a healthier lifestyle. With My HealthSpan, you’ll see the weeks, months, and years accrue in REAL-TIME. 

Here’s How it Works

Step 1 – Become a Member

You will need to become a member of The Aging Well for Life Blog. It’s quick, easy, and FREE! Only logged-in members can access all the My HealthSpan Resources. You can do it from the bottom of this page. 

Step 2 – Complete the Welcome to My HealthSpan Questionnaire

After becoming a member, you will be automatically escorted to the Welcome to My HealthSpan Questionnaire, a brief form used to calculate your starting HealthSpan Age. And don’t worry, you won’t be required to provide any personally identifiable information, not even your name.

Step 3 – Go to My HealthSpan Progress

After filling out the Welcome to My HealthSpan Questionnaire you will be automatically taken to your private My HealthSpan Progress page. Here is where you’ll find your starting HealthSpan age as calculated by your answers to the welcome questionnaire. This will be your starting point for adding more years and months of healthy living to your healthspan. This is also the page where you will find all of your future achievements. 

After viewing your present healthspan, go and check your email. 

Step 4 – Complete Your My HealthSpan Weekly Questionnaire

Every week I will send you an email with a link to your private My HealthSpan Weekly Questionnaire. There, you’ll fill out a brief online questionnaire in which you’ll report on your past week’s lifestyle behaviors, such as how often you exercised, what your diet was like, and how much quality sleep you received. You won’t need to provide personally identifiable information, not even your name. 

Your responses to the weekly questionnaire will trigger an automatic increase in the number of weeks and years added to your healthspan. And yes, you will also lose weeks from your healthspan if your past week’s activities are potentially harmful to your health.  

Step 5 – Monitor Your Progress

After submitting your responses to your My HealthSpan Weekly Questionnaire, you can go back to your private My HealthSpan Progress page to see your updated healthspan along with all of your achievements. 

Of course, everybody is different, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll live healthier for this specific amount of time. Still, the additional time allotted to your healthspan for positive health behaviors is a reasonable approximation and can be a significant source of motivation. 

Earn Points as You Learn!

Besides expanding your healthspan, you will also receive topical points by clicking on links and buttons on this website that provide in-depth information on specific topics and links to resources that will make improving your lifestyle easier and more fun!

Climb Up The Ranks

You can also track your progress by climbing to higher ranks of achievement. There are three ranking categories that will follow you; Academics, Communicators, and Fitness. 


As you gain knowledge about the topics associated with increasing your healthspan you will climb the Academic ladder, starting from a student all the way up to the Summa Cum Laude level which is the highest level of mastery.

You will do this by clicking on links and buttons that are associated with the latest anti-aging topics and then by demonstrating your knowledge by taking the associated chapter quizzes. These will be added over the next several weeks so keep an eye out for new quizzes. 


You will climb the Communicator levels by sharing the knowledge that you attain. You can do this by sharing posts and pages from this website on social media and by inviting people to become members of our community. 


You will climb the levels of fitness from Player to Olympian by increasing your fitness level through increased physical activity as reported in your Weekly Questionaire. As determined by your fitness quiz scores, your fitness knowledge will also contribute to your fitness levels. 

Earn Badges & Medals!

You will earn badges and medals by climbing up the ranks, obtaining specified levels of topical points, and adding weeks and years to your healthspan. 

Some badges and medals are surprises and are revealed only after completing a specific task. You’ll know when you get one!


How secure is my information on this site?

I am very serious about protecting all information you provide to this website. None of your personal information will ever be shared or sold. Your personal earnings page is only visible to you.

Your overall rankings and achievements may be visible on the leaderboards, but you can request to be removed from all leaderboards at any time. For more information, read the Privacy Policy. I can also completely delete all your information from the entire site at your request. 

How do you calculate the weeks awarded from the questionnaire?

Weeks are awarded and deducted according to your answers to the weekly questionnaire. The weeks and years rewarded are based on my estimation for the potential health benefits of the particular behavior, especially when consistently repeated over time. Some crucial behaviors, such as consistent quality sleep, trigger high weekly awards and provide a larger weekly deduction when not achieved. 

Be sure to fill out the lifestyle questionnaire every week. Otherwise, you will lose weeks from your healthspan. I will send you a reminder email with a link to the questionnaire every week. 

Why do you need my email?

I will be communicating with you by email. I will send you a weekly reminder with links to fill out your questionnaire. 

I promise not to spam you with unrequested promotional emails, and I will never share your email address with anyone. 

Are you ready to start adding weeks and years onto your healthspan? Let’s do it!

Just fill out the registration form below to gain access to My HealthSpan, and remember to keep an eye out for your reminder emails.

You are also welcome to contact me anytime if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to say hi. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Jim Jensen

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