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Here are all the sleep resources on Rhonda Patrick Ph.Ds Foundmyfitness website. This is a treasure chest of the latest information on sleep. 

In this excellent podcast, Dr. Peter Attia has an in-depth conversation with Rick Johnson, professor of nephrology at the University of Colorado. In it, they do a deep-dive discussing fructose and how it affects your health. Another must listen!

In this short podcast, Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. discusses the deleterious effects of refined sugar on our health and lifespans.

In this sobering article written by Joseph Detrano, CAS Science Writer for Rutgers Center for Alcohol & Substance Abuse Studies, discusses the pervasive use of sugar in our country and how it’s affecting our health. Quick read.

Two-thirds of the US population is either overweight or obese. Obesity is one of the major drivers of preventable diseases and health care costs. In the US, current estimates for these costs range from $147 to $210 billion per year. Obesity is a multifactorial disease: genetics, lifestyle choices, metabolism, and diet. Low-fat diets have been suggested as the key to weight management. However, over the past 30 years, the calories from fat in people’s diets have gone down, but obesity rates keep climbing. Evidence suggests that diets high in added sugar promote the development of obesity. However, the impact of sugar consumption on weight gain and body fat accumulation remains a controversial topic. Therefore, the aim of this review is to provide basic framework information about the prevalence of obesity and sugar consumption in the US over the last five decades. We also review the process by which sugar is converted to fat and stored in the human body.

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