Prolonged Fasting with a Fasting-Mimicking Diet

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Get all the facts regarding the Prolon FMD. This is the place to buy the FMD.

This is the fasting-mimicking diet that I LOVE. It really makes the 5-day fast much easier. Thank you, Alexis Wisniewski!

Peter Attia M.D. answers a bunch of questions regarding fasting. This should address most of your questions regarding fasting. Excellent.

In this excellent podcast, Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviews Valter Longo Ph.D. arguably the most prominent researcher on prolonged fasting as well as developer of the fasting-mimicking diet. This is a must-listen!

This is an excellent exerpt from a previous interview where Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. interviews Valter Longo Ph.D. In it they directly address the unique and profound benefits of prolonged fasting.

In this recent in-depth interview, Peter Attia M.D. has a fascinating conversation with Eileen White, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at the Rutgers Cancer Institute.

This is very thorough, up-to-date, deep-dive into all things fasting with Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. Very informative!

In this recent blog post, Louis A. Cona, MD discusses the anti-aging affects that prolonged fasting has on stem cells. A good read!

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11 Great Tips For Pain-Free Fasting

Even with a fasting mimicking diet, a 5-day fast can be a challenge. But there’s no need to suffer. Here are some tried-and-true tips that will take the edge off of a prolonged fast. 

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Roll over image to zoom in NOW Supplements, Neptune Krill, Double Strength 1000 mg, Phospholipid-Bound Omega-3, 120 Softgels

This is the fasting-mimicking diet developed by Dr. Valter Longo. If you want to be absolutely certain that your results will replicate Dr. Longo’s research then this diet is for you. 

The Longevity Diet: Slow Aging, Fight Disease, Optimize Weight - Valter Longo Ph.D.

I highly recommend that you read Dr. Valter Longo’s book, The Longevity Diet. It’s packed with the latest information on fasting and how to have a delicious and nutritious diet when you’re not fasting. 

Neptune Krill, Double Strength 1000 mg, Phospholipid-Bound Omega-3, 120 Softgels

Krill oil contains higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and being phospholipid-bound, they are more bioavaiable. Neptune Krill oil is the one that Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. recommends and uses herself. 

Fast Bar, Nuts & Cacao Chips, Gluten Free, Plant Based Protein Bar For Weight Management & Intermittent Fasting (10 Count Box)

The Prolon diet includes two vegan vitamin supplements that are 500 mg each. Thorne Basic Nutrients are as close as you can get to replicate the vitamin requirements.

Amy's Soups

Amy’s soups are one of the main reasons that the FMD recipe is so delicious and satisfying. These four soups can be interchanged for any of the soup servings on the recipe. So, find the ones that you love the most and stock up. I LOVE the Mushroom Bisque, but they’re all excellent. 

Amy's Organic Soups Low Fat Minestrone Light In Sodium 14.1 OZ (Pack of 4)

Amy’s minestrone light is AMAZING! It doesn’t taste light to me. Yea, they’re kind of expensive. Maybe you can get them for less at a local market. But wow. they are delicious and make dieting enjoyable. 

Amy's Organic Soups, Light in Sodium Cream Of Tomato, 14.5 Ounce

This is another Amy’s soup that is listed in the FMD. It’s excellent!

Amy's Soup, Gluten Free, Mushroom Bisque with Porcini, 14 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Out of all of them, I think that this is my favorite one of Amy’s soups. It’s decadent. 

Amy's Soup, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic Split Pea, Low Fat, 14.1 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Amy’s split pea is just like mom used to make. It’s delicious. You’ll forget that you’re fasting. 

Pureboost Clean Energy Drink Mix + Immune System Support. Sugar-Free Energy with B12, Multivitamins, Antioxidants, Electrolytes (Acai Alert, 30 Count)

This is a good substitute for Prolon’s L-Drink, which is an electrolyte drink consumed freely every day. 

Mary's Gone Crackers Super Seed Variety Pack, 4 Flavors, 5 oz (4 Pack) In Sanisco Packaging.

Mary’s gone crackers are very satisfying and crunchy. They’re the crackers used in the FMD. This is the variety pack to keep things interesting. 

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