This week I’m going to share one of my favorite exercise. The High-low-chops. This is a killer full-body exercise which targets the core and oblique muscles. I will be using the JC Predator bands to demonstrate the exercise. Place the anchor point of the band about a foot or so above head level. Hold both handles
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In this video, I’ll show you how to easily give yourself a killer haircut in 5 minutes. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars a year. Check it out! If I wait for more than 2 weeks to cut my hair I start to look like Ed Grimley, Martin Short's character on Saturday Night Live. Here is
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My absolute favorite piece of exercise equipment is The JC Predator Band…I love it because: • It’s very portable, very light and slips easily into a suitcase making it very easy to turn your hotel room into your own private gym. It easily slips into a door jam, loop over a piece of equipment in the gym
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I LOVE this workout! It only takes 10 minutes and it's very effective. Heck, you even get to walk half of it. This workout isn't just an excellent workout for your cardio-vascular system. It also is great a developing balance and agility. Just start off slow until you get the footwork down a bit and
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