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Books by Dr. Karl

The Fitness Expert

Dr. Karl Knopf taught corrective exercise to the disabled and older adults for over 37 years at Foothill College. As his students liked to call him, Dr. Karl has authored over 17 books and written numerous articles for both the lay public and fitness trainers.

Dr. Knopf was the founder and President of Fitness Educators of Older Adults for 15 years, and he is currently on the Board of the Sit and Be Fit Organization. Dr. Knopf is also a contributor to the International Sports Science Association courses on Fitness Therapy and Senior Fitness.

Throughout Dr. Knopf’s career, he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and quoted in major newspapers such LA Times, San Jose Mercury, and Washington Post. He has served as a consultant to the State of California, Stanford University, Time-Life Medical, and he even contributed a chapter to a book by Richard Simmons. He is a frequent guest on radio and often speaks at Wellness Events.